Why do boiler pipes freeze in cold weather

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Why do boiler pipes freeze in cold weather? Such a question is a very common problem. In order not to be affected by the waste gas, a combi boiler is usually installed on the balcony. However, this is not the right approach. While closed balconies do not cause problems, having a combi boiler on the balcony in open and cold weather may cause some problems.

Should the boiler be inside or outside? According to the architectural plan of the house, it is placed in a place suitable for the use of authorized engineers. boiler pipes freeze in cold weather. Being on the open balcony provides the opportunity to freeze in cold weather.

Boiler pipe insulation is very important to prevent the boiler from freezing.

What should be done so that the boiler does not freeze?

Can boiler pipes freeze? The first thing to know is that the boiler automatically operates with hot water so that the pipes do not freeze in cold weather.

Does the boiler freeze on the balcony? Yeah. In order for the boiler antifreeze to activate, the electricity and gas lines must be kept open. Otherwise, the boiler may freeze.

If the boiler pipe is frozen, the water frozen in the pipes must be liquefied before the boiler starts up to avoid its hazard.

Why do boiler pipes freeze in cold weather

How to Protect Boiler Pipes from Freezing

To open a frozen pipe, you must first check whether the pipe is plastic or iron. Plastic pipes may melt or be damaged due to improper use. Frozen iron pipes open more easily because they are more resistant to substances such as hot water.

Wrap with insulating glass: If the pipes are outside, wrapping them with insulating glass can solve the freezing problem as it provides heat.


The boiler must be kept in the open position to prevent the pipes from freezing. It has to be at a certain temperature. If you are on vacation and away from home for long periods, if the water freezes, the pipes can freeze and cause damage.

Why Boiler Pipes Freeze

You can use spray foam to seal cracks and holes.

If you can, try to seal holes in and out of walls or floors.

When the boiler needs to be shut down for a short time, the power and gas valves must be kept open to prevent the boiler and heating system from freezing. Otherwise, the antifreeze system will not be activated.

When not in use for a long time, the power supply and gas valve should be turned off. In order to prevent freezing of the boiler and the heating system, the domestic water in the combi boiler, the water in the heating line and the radiator must be completely emptied.

If the boiler is installed outdoors, the boiler must be protected, which negatively affects its operation. (wind, humidity, freezing, etc.) Therefore, it should be installed in a well-ventilated place that is not affected by external factors. Combi boilers should not be installed on unprotected open balconies. To install the universal boiler on a balcony, the balcony must be completely closed.

why do hot water pipes freeze

If the combi boiler is in the off position, the water inside the pipe on the outer façade freezes, even if the water that does not move in the installation does not freeze. In some houses, the combi boiler is located on the open balconies. The combi boiler should not be exposed to direct exposure to not only cold but also sunlight.

Boiler protection cabinets for boilers, the exposed parts of the pipes that carry water to the boiler and transmit water to the rooms must be isolated.

Combi boilers have frost protection programs.

The water transfer pipes just below the boiler should be protected with insulation materials during cold weather periods. It can be easily purchased from construction stores.

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