Viessmann Boiler Works When Off


Viessmann Boiler Works When Off If the Viessmann boiler is working when it is turned off, it is usually a problem encountered in combi boilers whose maintenance has not been done on time.

Your combi will wear out over time due to many factors and it indicates that the combi boiler needs to be maintained.

Latest model combi boilers are devices that need annual maintenance. Do not think of it as durable white goods such as televisions and refrigerators in your home. Have your boiler serviced and repaired by authorized viessmann service in a timely manner.

Because, like every electronic device, combi boilers fail over time without regular maintenance…

When the boiler is turned off, the operating state does not always indicate a malfunction. For this, the operation of the boiler must be controlled in terms of the device. The operating state of the closed viessmann boiler can be observed in the following cases:

  • Worn out honeycomb system
  • Clogged heater filter
  • Reduction of the circulation pump
  • Main board fault

The above faults are the issues that need to be solved by the service.

If the Viessmann Combi is Working When Off, please contact the authorized service of the combi…

Viessmann Boiler Works When Off

viessmann boiler combustion controller error It is a situation that happens to many users. Even if you turn off the Viessmann Boiler, it will automatically start working again. It opens and closes by itself, especially in summer. It can cause your bills to be high. So is this really a glitch or is it the result of a wrong action we took? In short, is there something wrong with the device’s settings? Let’s go through them all together and explain the solution”.

If your device turns on and off at its discretion, it’s because of the temperature and water settings. Due to the comfort feature of your device, your device will want to bring the water back to the hottest point when the hot water starts to cool together. It detects that the comfort function is active in the device settings and that the hot water must be kept constantly.


All you have to do is to turn off the comfort feature from the settings on the device screen. After that, your combination will keep the water at the temperature you set. At low temperatures you will see if your combination is on or off by making your own decisions over and over.

This problem with the comfort function is due to the device thinking that the hot water should be kept at the highest level. Applies where it is not necessary to call a technical team or an authorized Viessmann Boiler service. If your problem does not go away after doing this, contact Viessmann boiler authorized service…

Why Does The Boiler Run By Itself?

The fact that the Viessman boiler is still working when it is turned off may actually be a warning of problems that may arise over time.

The combination has one feature; In cold weather, there is a “freezing safety” so that the water in the boiler does not freeze. The boiler may be working by itself so that the water in the installation does not freeze.

If the weather is not cold and the boiler is off and running, there may be a malfunction.

With the development of technology in the past, when using stoves to heat homes, this rule began to change gradually.

Especially in city life, almost all houses are heated with a combi boiler. In winter, it is both a hot water supply and a home heating function. In order for these devices to last longer, services need regular maintenance.

Because, like any electronic device, a boiler that is not regularly maintained can fail.

However, if the boiler is not working, this does not always indicate a malfunction. If the Viessman boiler is still operating when it is turned off, the boiler should be checked by the service personnel.

Viessmann Boiler Pressure Reduction



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