Vaillant Combi Boiler Problems

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A Comprehensive Guide to vaillant combi boiler problems and how to fix them

Vaillant boiler is a system that combines a heat exchanger and a water boiler. It is a popular system for those with small and medium-sized houses.

Combi boilers are a sensitive and maintenance-free home heating system.

Necessary maintenance and repairs that are not done on time cause boilers to malfunction.

In this case, knowing the error codes and finding the right solution based on these error codes will give you many advantages.

Otherwise, a wrong intervention without knowing the error code and without knowing the source of the error will cause more damage.

The factor that creates the error codes is that the boiler prevents it from being damaged for any reason and locks itself, transmits various error codes to the screen and performs troubleshooting according to these error codes.

 The Best Guide for Vaillant Boiler Diagnostics

In some cases, you can fix the problem without calling an engineer. However, for those that require replacement parts, internal boiler inspection, or anything that requires technical expertise, you should always contact a qualified engineer.

Read the list of common mistakes and fixes below to learn more about what to do next and when your Vaillant boiler needs troubleshooting.

Why is my boiler still working? Your oven isn’t the only thing that heats your home. Your boiler will likely work to provide hot water, the radiators are providing heat when fully operational, and your hot water tank is constantly generating heat.

Vaillant Combi Boiler Fault Detection

The common problem of Vaillant combi boilers is that the combi does not ignite.

There are a few steps you can try before calling for service. It may be possible to solve the problem when you restart your boiler.

Warning code numbers are used for all faults in Vaillant boilers.

The first letter F00, F01, F02 begins with the code F03 F, followed by a number. It is seen on devices where each fault code has a different fault.

After determining the malfunction of the universal boiler of the brand Vaillant, assemble its spare parts.


The repair process starts here because it must be performed by experienced technicians who know how to use and service the boiler, and safety features built into the unit, such as automatic shut-off in case of gas.

Providing low or high pressure alarms will stop the boiler from operating when the boiler is unsafe and will help protect your home and valuable equipment from potential damage and fire hazards from accidental combustion of contents.

Check Pilot Light

Check that the pilot light is on. Vaillant boiler should have a pilot light that comes on when started. If the pilot light is not illuminated, the throttle control button that will open the throttle must be pressed.

What is the Cause of Failures of Vaillant Combined Boilers?

The following situations may cause malfunction of Vaillant United combi boilers.

  • dirty fuel
  • annual maintenance and repair
  • Incorrect installation or initial installation
  • wrong air filter
  • Defective gas control valve (if using CO2)
  • Defective pressure relief valve (if using natural gas)
  • Insufficient water flow in the system
  • poor water quality
  • Insufficient heat output
  • high operating temperature
  • steam leak
  • insufficient air circulation
  • Insufficient combustion air
  • produce a lot of heat
  • Too much mixing of steam and water
  • There is no water circulation in the system.
  • Insufficient coolant
  • insufficient ventilation
  • System overload
  • Insufficient combustion air
  • Leaky condensation pan
  • Insufficient combustion air
  • connection without chimney

The Complete Guide to Vaillant Boiler Repair and Maintenance



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